Jeremy Stolle
In The Moment CD

Broadway's Phantom Of The Opera.
mixing and mastering


Fernando Saunders
song; Blue Zen
CD features, Lou Reed, Jan Hammer, Susan Vega. 
We are also working on his new CD.



Andricka Hall
Stay Inside My Life
 by Greg Minnick
a worldwide dance hit

Andricka Hall
Remixes by Jamie Lewis of Purple Music and Soulshine

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ONLINE Mixing and Mastering and full service music production

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Levelblu Music Productions

We provide online mixing and mastering, track creation, vocal tuning and instrument sweetening.
If you are looking to  take your song or project to the next level with the radio sound, contact us.

We work in all styles of music from Dance, Pop, Rock, Alt Rock, Down-tempo, Chill, World, R&B, Soul, Neo-Soul, Pop/R&B and Nujazz. 

We can also can add what is missing to your song (more production, backgrounds. lead solos, new drums, whatever you can imagine. This is very helpful to songwriters and singers.

Some of our previous clients include: MTV, VH1, HBO,  University of Miami, Warner Bros and Columbia Pictures Publications,  Alfred Publishing, Kriztal Entertainment, Fernando Saunders, The Musical Nations Project, Clive Stevens, Jon Secada, Fritz -Simply Red,  Marcia Griffiths,  Bickley Rivera,  Praful, Magrus Borges-(Bebel Giberto), Ed Calle, Amir, Lifetime Records, Nicole Graham, Joe Russell,  Lola Fulin, Miriam Sandler, Chico Debarge and more....

LMP was established by international Grammy voting music producer, songwriter and engineer
Greg Minnick. 
We are located in Miami, Florida but work with artists all over the world.

We do artist development and record promotion.
We are currently seeking vocalists for an upcoming release.
Fernando      Saunders
Jeremy Stolle
Clive Stevens
Roman Miroshnichenko
Magrus Borgus
Lauren Carter
Lola Fulin
Greg Minnick

Andricka Hall

Ed Calle

Bickley Rivera

Nicole Graham

Joe Russell

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Christina Aguilera 
“Yer Body"  SP remix           

Levelblu featuring Dawn“In Candlelight”
Levelblu - In Candlelight -
                                    EP - In Candlelight

 Bickley Rivera
 Chillin' After 5


Dance/ Electronica/World
Bacana Beat Club